01. Dearly Beloved
02. Musique pour la Tristesse de Xion
03. Lazy Afternoonsd
04. Kairi - Andante sostenuto
05. Ivory and Irony
06. To Zanarkard
07. Besaid Island
08. Via Purifico
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我ながら自分の信用が怖い / よろしく(●´∀`●)

“Reita was right up at the edge of the stage, rocking it out, playing his bass, doing his thing. And Aoi came up behind him and….pushed him off stage. He caught him obviously before he fell, but Reita’s reaction. Aoi just grabbed his shoulders and shoved a bit, and Reita jumped about a mile, his eyes were actually scared. Aoi, you asshole.”

— (source)