01. Dearly Beloved
02. Musique pour la Tristesse de Xion
03. Lazy Afternoonsd
04. Kairi - Andante sostenuto
05. Ivory and Irony
06. To Zanarkard
07. Besaid Island
08. Via Purifico
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 MINA。 5/31 living in istanbul.
 i like milktea and cats ▪ part-time satan.
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 also i suck at everything. bye.
[ 我ながら自分の信用が怖い ] よろしく(●´∀`●)

Kodamas (木霊): are mythical spirits of Japan, inhabitants of the thick woods. They usually have a human appearance and each individual is unique in appearance and personality. It is said that can occur in non-human forms, and can appear as beautiful or terrible as they wish. Most cases appear to have an adorable look.